Why Kikkoman Soymilk IS
no. 1 brand in Japan?

We are expert in soybeans. Since Kikkoman is a company established over 100 years ago and is also a professional expert at carefully selecting best soybeans. We use only the specially selected soybeans which meet our strict standards from North America. Moreover, we care even the transport procedure to Japan by using the proper temperatures and perfect packing in order to maintain the quality of soybeans.

We are delicious, healthy, and safe with the high standards. Kikkoman soymilk is produced with the unique manufacturing process which requires the proper temperatures for each step from selecting raw materials to transforming it into a final product in order to prevent oxidation and ensure the products’ freshness. A soybean particle alignment technique is adopted to make our soymilk easy-to-drink, fresh, and smooth. Also, we maintain our rigorous quality standards and provide safe products to our customers in Japan, guaranteed by FSSC22000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.

We foster a brand-new culture of soymilk. We provide around 40 different soymilk flavors in Japan to deliver the joy and excitement of soymilk drinking to our customers. Also, we always come up with the various eating methods to foster a new culture of enjoying soymilk.

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