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Shelf Life and How to Storage
Shelf life: 360 days before opening
How to store : Our Soymilk can be stored at room temperature until the expiration date before opening (storing in a cool place away from direct sunlight)
How to spot expired products
You can see BEST BEFORE (DD/MM/YY) date on top of the package.
Food Allergy Information
Soybean for all products
Sesame for “Black Sesame"
How many days does soymilk last after opening?
Since the shelf life is short after opening because of the rich nutrition, please drink immediately after opening.
What is the meaning of KIKKOMAN SOYMILK logo?
The “bird”: the yellow bird of happiness (a symbol of happiness), the “sun”: the shining red sun (a symbol of good health), and the “forest”: the bright green color (a symbol of the abundance of nature) are 3 elements which enhance the image of Kikkoman Soymilk.

What is the flavor features of Kikkoman soymilk?
Our soy milk has an easy-to-drink and smooth texture without astringent taste, bean or green leguminous odors because of our unique manufacturing process through which raw materials are transformed into a final product at correct temperatures so as to prevent deterioration and immediately maintain their freshness.
Where is Kikkoman soymilk manufactured?
We produce our soy milk in Japan using domestic water. We have a plant in Gifu Prefecture where main clean rivers of Japan are located.
Where is the origin of soybeans in Kikkoman soymilk?
We use top quality Non-GMO soybeans from Canada and the US which are specially selected according to Kikkoman’s strict standards.